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LiveJournal icons about 24.
Hi! Feel free to post, share, and snatch icons and other graphics relating to the television show 24. When posting graphics, please specify what is sharable / what kind of credit you require.

This community is moderated by barbed_whispers. If you have any questions / problems you can send me a pm here on livejournal or just track me down on my journal.

Community Rules!

1) When posting either more than four icons or animations or graphics larger than icons, please use an lj-cut. More info on how to do that can be found here.

2) Please attempt to type legibly, as that makes everyone happier.

3) Do not steal icons or other graphics from members of this community. Doing so will get you banned.

4) Please put all graphics containing spoilers behind an lj-cut, and specify that there are spoilers involved. Spoilers are considered any pictures from upcoming episodes, or images from episodes that have aired in the past week. This way everyone can watch and enjoy the show and community without having to worry about spoilers.

5) All posts must be related to both 24 and icons/graphics. If you would like to advertise for a 24-related community, please email the mod. All unauthorized ads are subject to removal. (Posting an ad with icons/graphics is still allowed though.)